gate open from 9AM to 5PM (Admission desk closes at 4:30PM) 

Main Hall

Main principle: 
Fuku-kensak-kannon  ( National Important Cultural Property)

Fuku-kensak kannon is one of  the Tathagatas but believed as an incarnation of the Shinto deity called "Takemikazuchino-mikoto" who is the primary deity of Kasuga Grand Shrine.  

This kannon figure is one of the three major Fuku-kensak kannon figures including Todaiji and Kofukuji.

"kannon" is usually said to be still practicing to reach the highest rank " Buddha". However, this Fuku-kensak-kannon has the opening third eye, meaning he attained enlightenment at the same level as a healing Buddha or Nyorai, possessing the power to save and offer compassion to all living things..

Uga-Benzaiten-Tennyo (Music Goddess merged with Serpent God) 

This Goddess had been originally the primary deity of  this temple in Shintoism part.

Now it is only displayed in public for limited period in decade.


"Uga" God controls harvest and prosperity, and "Benzaiten " is the goddess of music (wisdom) , and in many places in Japan these two gods merged in one.


In the past, many women visited FUKUIN  to pray for the special savior.  

Homa Ascetic Hall "Kensaku-an"(Open to public only on Monthly ritual date) 

and  Mantra of  Acala Statues

Our Sect is from Shingon esoteric, and the monks do  incantations and prayers according to its ascetic ritual protocols. Homa fire ritual is one of them. 


We do the Homa fire ritual 28th of each month at Kensaku-an, our Homa acetic  hall, where we burn wooden talismans with lots of written hopes by people. 
(For August and November,  conducted on 21st, not on 28th )

Acala Triad Statues

 At the time of establishment of "Kensaku-an" Hall, two youths are newly created and added to  Central Acala (Fudo) Statue to finally make a Triad form. This set of statues is  set inside the Kensaku-an Hall.

Acala Standing Wooden Statue(by Ryuo-Okuda)

The Sculptor :Ryuo Okuda, contributed Nara's Art promotion, and  passed away in 2002.  He actually lived in this vicinity of FUKUIN.

FUKUIN invited this Statue to Kensaku-an as "Memorial Statue for Mr. Okuda".

Acala Statue  ( by Josho Hontani) 

Josho Hontani,  Buddhism sculptor in Nara, has been doing personal exhibition at FUKUIN  every other year.  This intimacy lead to the friendship and he kindly donated this statue to FUKUIN in 2015.

Japanese Garden (precinct)

Statue of Kukai

Stone Statue of Ku-kai, the founder of Shingon sect.

It is said that Kukai once resided in FUKUIN during Heian Period (794-1185), and during that time, he coordinated the project to build Octagon pagoda here as the main hall, which later became the model for Kofukuji Nan-en-do.

Kukai's teachings are permanently succeeded to us together with these historical stories.

Shrine of Relationships
    Deity of matchmaking
    Deity of separation

FUKUIN has a shrine of separation and matchmaking of relationships.
During the early 1930’s, a geisha called Teruha took refuge from an unhappy relationship at FUKUIN. 
Under FUKUIN's protection, she entered the Buddhist priesthood, and became a Buddhist nun known as Takaoka Chishō (1896-1994).

Lated She moved to Kyoto, and became a haiku poet.

This shrine may give you a enlightenment or reconsideration on your current love or human relationships.

Sole Consolation Mound and Kannon of Compassion

Behind the Japanese Garden, there is another unique mound for consolation of Dead sole of the ancient princess "Igami-Naishin-no". Why this was built? Because after her death many disasters occurred and people believed it was her vengeance due to her sad former life. 

Next to the mound, Kannon of Compassion (Nyoirin Kannon) stands which gives you a hope for long life and sound baby deliveries.

An-non Mausoleum (Mausoleum for all religions)

FUKUIN accepts bone ashes of  the deceased  regardless of  your religion or sect or nationalities at this Mausoleum.  We will listen to your background about looking for such place  as interment space for your loved  and deceased family.  

Shingon-Risshu  FUKUIN TEMPLE

1365, Takabatake-cho, Nara-city, Nara