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If your love life needs a little divine intervention or if you simply want to express thanks for finding the love of your life, Fukuin is a tranquil place to do it.
Principal image

Goshuin (Visit Proof Stamp)



  • This place was once the residence of Jianzhen, the propagator of Buddhism in Japan, after his arrival in Japan in 753 A.D.

  • In 810 A.D., Kukai, founder of the Shingon sect of Buddhism, proposed the construction of an octagonal pagoda. Our principal image, the "Fuku-kensak-kannon," was enshrined at this time.

  • In the Kamakura period (1185-1333), several high priests led by Eison often used FUKUIN to promote a 'revitalization of precepts.'

  • In the Taisho period (1912-1926), the priest Kogen Mitani rebuilt the main hall. He later earned the devotion of the local 'Naramachi geisha' as they visited the shrine to pray for the spirit to properly make, and end, relationships, leading to the shrine becoming regarded as a women's refuge. 

​Visit, and observe Monthly/Annual Rituals /Events!

Monthly  Schedule

Every 28th : Shingon Homa Fire Rituals (Exception 21st for Aug. and Nov. ) 

Annual   Schedule


New Year’s rituals


January 21

Hatsudaishi Rituals


February 3

Setsubun rituals


April 21

Mieku service

Memorial service for "Kukai" [Kobodaishi]

End April to beg. May

Spring Special admission

Apri 26 to May 6[2024]

July 24

Jizo-bon fest


August 21

Urabon Segakie 

[Service for suffering spirits]

End September weekend

Autumn music

Goma fire and music offering

October 17

Special admission

9AM to 5PM [admission ends at 4:30PM]

Same period as

Shosoin Exhibition

Autumn special admission

9AM to 5PM [admission ends at 4:30PM]

November 21

Butsumyo-e & Goma ritual

Service for removal of year's sin

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